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"Tom, I think I can help you or at least get started toward a good solution. First of all, at 117 MPH clubhead speed (driver) and a 4 handicap, you need to be in "X" flex shafts in both your metals and irons. Also, you need to be playing steel shafts in the irons. Forget knuckle to ground and finger size. This is simply a method to try and impress you with an urban myth club fitting skill. The knuckle to ground distance is for show and ease of looking up the club length in a chart. It tells me nothing (nor anyone else for that matter). Basically, any height golfer can play any length golf club as long as the club is properly adjusted for lie angle so it fits properly. Yes, if you are a member of a pro basketball team, we have an entirely different problem, but you are only 6' 1" and probably a somewhat normally proportioned human being. I would recommend no longer than 45" in your driver and 44" in a 3 metal. Go shorter 1" for each number higher. 95% of all golfers I have personally fitted at your height will play the best with a 38" #5 iron. Almost every tour player I have ever done in the last 10 years has been 38" with only two that I can remember being at 38 1/4". I have not seen you swing, but I would guess that the irons will need to be 1 degree to 2 degrees more upright in lie angle. You need to have this checked with a lie impact fitting board (very important). Besides "X" flex shafts, you will probably play best with a more tip stiff model. This applies to both your metals and irons. Tom, also, do not let your swingweights get over D-3. Shoot for D-1, D-2, or D-3. I would like to see you get checked out in a launch monitor to make sure you get the best launch angle. Also, try a couple different balls in the monitor to see which type has a good trajectory and maximum distance. Remember, the two ball extremes are high launch, low spin and lower launch, higher spin. I almost always prefer the high launch, low spin models. Let me know what happens next to you and if you need any more help in narrowing down a shaft model selection."


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