Hi how Do you go from A to L on a driver Shaft head weight 196 leght 44.5

dantheman comment on answer ago
    • Hi Dan, Only way I would think would be to add headweight (I would guesstimate about 20 grams) or increase length by 1.5-2.0 inches - I'm sure there are others that can share some input on this. I recall reading 2 grams headweight = 1 cpm/1 inch length = 6 cpm depending on the cpm chart, flex differences vary roughly from 7.4 - 10 cpm between flexes. I did this as a comment so it wouldn't get overlooked by the experts. Randy
    • Thanks the shaft is g tech combo flex l/a 235 cpm if i Read the golf Works chart correctly i need go bring IT down To 190 cpm at 44.5
    • Hi Dan, according to the golfworks freq chart if you are measuring 235 cpm at 44.5", you are right at an R Flex. To decrease the cpm (make the shaft "more flexible") to L flex, you need to either lengthen the shaft or add weight to the head. I am assuming you are referring to an already shafted club. I know that an untrimmed G-Tech L/A has a butt frequency of 226cpm at (using a 5" Clamp and a 205 gram weight-ungripped) - this would be the L flex. I think I may not understand your question. Randy
    • Thanks again new shaft no tip trim for a driver so i put the head on the shaft then measure 44.5 this how i get 235cpm 44.5 standard for a women don,t won,t go longer ,to get 226cpm did you use the full lenght of the shaft
    • Yes the 226cpm is full shaft length - 42" beam length as this is a 47" shaft, using 205gram weight and 5" clamp. The only way I know how you can achieve 190 cpm at 44.5" is by dramatically increasing head weight. Note, using the Kauf.an cpm chart, you are actually right near a L-flex: http://www.csfa.com/instructions/FittingChart.pdf
    • ok thanks but i don't see why i should have to put over 50 gr weight in the head to achieve the L flex with a L flex shaft i'm i missing something ,or maybe i should have both a LL flex and tip trim it instead
    • Hopefully Britt will respond. I don't hold to much value in manufacturers shaft ratings. Compare the Golfworks chart to the Kaufman chart. Good Luck