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loft and lie machine

  • 9:05AM - Sep 19, 2010RE: loft and lie machine

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    eric0772, Eric, boy that is an old one and actually built personally by yours truely in my basement. If it is that old it will have round pipe legs if it was a floor model. This machine will still change and measure lofts and lies and I would think it would be worth a minimum of $75.00, but this is only a guess on my part.

  • 5:56PM - Sep 14, 2010loft and lie machine

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    Hello i have a 1977 floor mounted loft and lie machine that i used in my work shop before i retired from golf. It was broght from ralph maltby and shipped over from america to england, have all the bits and bobs to go with it including manuel and have kept it in good condition can any one tell me abit more bout it and maybe if it is worth anything at all?

    Reguards Eric

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