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BIO MECH Iron Specs

  • 5:47PM - Jun 28, 2013RE: BIO MECH Iron Specs

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    The specs on the old hollow Bio-Mech irons were #5 iron lie 60 degrees, loft 29 degrees. They started at #1 iron and went thru to#11(SW). That’s from 1990 Golfworks catalog.

  • 8:46AM - Jun 28, 2013BioMech Iron specs

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    The last BioMech Irons were from 1998. The specs on that model were:

    26 deg Loft 60 deg Lie .276” offset 260 g weight

    If your looking for an earlier model, if you knew the year it would help. It would take some digging in our old archives, but I should be able to get specs of other models of the BioMech if you want more information.


  • 12:12PM - Jun 26, 2013BIO MECH Iron Specs

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    Anyone have any info on the old hollow BIO MECH irons from years past? I assembled a few many years ago and was curious as to the original lofts, particularly the 5 iron. I could go to a club maker or pro shop and pay a few bucks to have them measured, but thought there might be an old catalog or info available. Thanks.

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