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What would be the MPF of a 1980 Hogan DIrector ,?

What is the MPF of these irons, if available. Better or worse than 1990 Apex Edge Pro?

February 1, 2021 2
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Offset Ben Hogan Edge Pro vs Ben Hogan Edge (2004)

I just bought a very nice set  a Ben Hogan Pro.  Would you know what is the offset measurement . Is it the same a s Ben Hogan Edge I used to own. ?  (I am talking about the 2000 editions) . Is the offset...

December 30, 2020 2
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S2H2 comparison with T400 Titleist

Hello. I do appreciate the ratings MPF. However, I tried the T400 last summer from Titleist rated at 851 and my S2H2 rated 1029. In essence the S2H2 is more playable in theory . However, the 7 iron t400 ...

December 4, 2020 2
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S2H2 Graphite vs Steel

DO you have an idea of the shaft weight difference between those two shafts graphite regular (aldila) and steel uniglex? I have a pristine set of S2H2 with Steel and I can buy another one with graphite....

December 3, 2020 2
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Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro

I just bought a set of Apex Edge Pro, which were .5 inches longer than std graphit shaft (8 iron is supposed to be 36.75 aand mine is 37.25 as ab ex) I normaly play 2 deg flat. Since it is .5 longer, should...

December 3, 2020 2
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I am glad to know. Although they look like a blade, they are more playable than the Epic Irons I acquired recently. Surprising. From what I see, Golf companies focus more on disatance and delofting clubs...

November 13, 2020 2
November 11, 2020 10
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S2H2 irons.

The S2H2 in my opinion is not the easiset to hit; however they get a Maltby rating over 1000. Why ?

November 11, 2020 2