Driver Score Card

The Driver Score Card is designed to give the golfer a collective amount of simple information to be understand their driving tendencies.

The object is consistency in driving the ball to score better. There are three paths to take here; the first is practice and play to simply get more consistent, the second is to look at an equipment change preferably working with a launch monitor and expert clubfitter and the third is lessons from a PGA professional.

Analyzing The Score Card

A very important piece of information for the golfer is the percentage of drives that find the fairway. ┬áJust imagine how much better you would score if every second shot was from the fairway. Our sample score card shows the fairways hit to be 57%. This may or may not be good based on the golfer’s handicap.

When you analyze the other three columns, you have choices on how you interpret them. Notice that I marked my tendencies at the bottom of each column with the most common type of driver result. I then totaled them for both nines for determined what I would put in the “Evaluating Your Driver” area at the right side of the card.

Notice that I checked off “Normal” for distance, “Normal” for trajectory and 5/7 for direction of hit. These were my predominant tendencies. Notice also that I have checked off “Still too inconsistent” in all three tendencies area.

You can decide how you use the “Still too Inconsistent” check-off box. I set my personal goal for an 18 hour total of 8 of the same letters in the score card columns for “Distance” and “Trajectory” when 14 drives are hit in the round. When I have 8, I do not check off the “Still too Inconsistent” box but I still realize what I need to keep working on.

I always separately analyze my “Directional Control” tendencies (the nine ball flight possibilities) and make a personal decision after the round on how I feel about it. Each player at every level of skill will need to personally evaluate whether to check off the “Still too Inconsistent” box.

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