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Removing shaft from hosel

I have an old 3 wood head that was attached to a steel shaft.  It was broken off at the hosel.  In the catalog there is a tool supposedly for just such an application.  The picture shows the extractor...

March 19, 2021 2
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Fiberglass shafts?

I recently was asked which was cheaper, a fiber glass shaft or a graphite shaft.  I responded that I was not aware that any manufacturer made shafts from fiber glass, but that I was aware of one manufacturer...

February 11, 2021 2
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Hogan Putter

Concerning my Hogan putter:  is the head held on by epoxy so I can remove it and send it to you for re-chroming?

October 20, 2020 2
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Ben Hogan Apex Putter

Recently I was given an old Ben Hogan Apex putter.  It was full of rust and I used my Dremel tool and buffing brushes to clean it up.  I am using the putter and love the way it feels.  However, after...

October 17, 2020 2
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.294 inch shaft

I recently got an answer from DFBDGUSA on the .294 inch shaft that Mcgolf had these shafts.  How can I get in touch with them?

October 7, 2020 2
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.294 inch tip shaft

Does anyone know where I can get a shaft with a tip size of .294 inches?

October 5, 2020 2
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Shaft flex points

I've noticed looking at shaft descriptions that some have a low trajectory, some a mid trajectory, and some a high trajectory.  I assume that this is a function of where the flex point is.  Can you tell...

September 5, 2020 2
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Installing Arthritic grips

Are there any hints for installing arthritic grips?  The opening on the grip is .6 inches and the butt end of the club is also .6 inches.  The grip will not go all the way onto the club.  Should I use...

August 16, 2020 2