How To Re-Shaft Your Graphite Golf Clubs

Learn how to re-shaft your very own golf club. Simply follow these instructions to get your golf club re-shafted. You will find a link to each tool used.

Reshafting is an inexpensive way to try out many of the latest shaft advancements and learn which shafts fit you best. Using our Shaft Playability Factor as a guide, choose a shaft from our large selection, and then follow the simple steps below to reshaft your club. You’ll be amazed at how playing the right shaft can improve your game! For more information about reshafting, see the Golf Club Design, Alteration, Fitting & Repair book.

How To Re-Shaft Graphite Clubs Step 1

Step 1

Carefully clamp the shaft into a GolfWorks Graphite Shaft Extractor. Warm the ferrule using a Heat Gun.


How To Re-Shaft Graphite Clubs Step 2

Step 2

After warming the ferrule, cut the ferrule off the shaft using a Hyde Knife.


How To Re-Shaft Graphite Clubs Step 3

Step 3

While wearing protective leather gloves aim the heat gun at the backside of the hosel keeping the nozzle approximately 3″ to 4″ away form the hosel. Heat on a high temperature setting for about 1 minute and then apply pressure with the wrench to remove the clubhead.

If the clubhead does not come loose continue heating for up to 3 minutes total. At this point if it still does not come loose stop heating for 1 minute and resume heating for 30 seconds intervals until the head comes loose.

It is highly recommended to use a shaft extractor to remove graphite shafts from clubheads.


How To Re-Shaft Graphite Clubs Step 4

Step 4

After the head is loose, hold the head with your gloved hands while continuing to apply pressure with the wrench to remove the head completely from the shaft. Do not twist and pull the clubhead at any time, this could cause damage to the shaft.


How To Re-Shaft Graphite Clubs Step 5

Step 5

Using a wire brush, remove excess epoxy from the inside of the hosel. If this is done while the clubhead is still warm, it is much easier to clean. Note: Most metal wood clubheads have a plug at the bottom of the hosel.

When cleaning out the hosel, do not penetrate too deep in the hosel, as this may cause the bore plug to be damaged or pushed into the head.


How To Re-Shaft Graphite Clubs Step 6

Step 6

Measure the shaft tip with a Shaft Identification Gauge. Most iron shafts will either be a .370″ or .355″ tip size, most metalwood heads will be .335″ or .350″ tip size.

Select a shaft using the Shaft Playability Factor and tip size that matches the shaft you extracted. Follow the tip trimming instructions to trim the tip end of your new shaft.