How To Re-Shaft Your Steel Golf Clubs

Learn how to re-shaft your very own golf club. Simply follow these instructions to get your golf club re-shafted. You will find a link to each tool used.

Reshafting is an inexpensive way to try out many of the latest shaft advancements and learn which shafts fit you best. Using our Shaft Playability Factor as a guide, choose a shaft from our large selection, and then follow the simple steps below to reshaft your club.

You’ll be amazed at how playing the right shaft can improve your game! For more information about reshafting, see the Golf Club Design, Alteration, Fitting & Repair book.


How To Re-Shaft Steel Clubs Step 1

Step 1

Carefully clamp the shaft into a vise using a Shaft Vise Clamp. It is recommended that the ferrule be warmed slightly to soften it, using a torch or heat gun. After warming the ferrule, cut the ferrule off of the shaft using a Hyde Knife.


How To Re-Shaft Steel Clubs Step 2

Step 2

When removing steel shafts from clubheads, use a torch to heat the hosel. Aim the flame of the torch at the hosel and apply heat for about 30 seconds. A standard hand held torch (as shown) can be used or the Pro Torch or Pro Plus Torch.

Note: always wear safety glasses when removing heads from shaft. Do not touch heated area of clubhead without wearing protective leather gloves.


How To Re-Shaft Steel Clubs Step 3

Step 3

After 30 seconds of heating, with your gloved hands grasp the head and twist/pull the head. If the head does not loosen, repeat the heating process in 15 second increments until the head can be removed.

Note: Some older heads may be pinned in place. If in doubt, please call The GolfWorks for assistance.

How To Re-Shaft Steel Clubs Step 4

Step 4

Using a wire brush remove excess epoxy from the inside of the hosel. If this is done while the clubhead is still warm it will be removed much easier


How To Re-Shaft Steel Clubs Step 5

Step 5

Once the hosel has cooled, apply Blue Away to a paper towel and rub the hosel to remove any heat marks created by the heating process.


How To Re-Shaft Steel Clubs Step 6

Step 6

Measure the shaft tip with a Shaft Identification Gauge. Most iron shafts will be either a .370″ or .355″ tip and metalwoods a .335″ or .350″ tip size. Select a shaft using the Shaft Playability Factor.

Be sure the tip size matches the shaft you extracted. Follow the tip trimming instructions to trim the tip end of your new shaft.