Maltby Playability Factor For Irons

The Maltby Playability Factor (MPF) makes it easier to choose the right clubs for you.

First and foremost, the playability factor should be recognized as a “guide” to either selecting or understanding why a golf iron plays the way it does.

Why The Maltby Playability Factor Helps

Golf is, for many people, a difficult game. It is a game that entices hundreds of thousands of people a year to take up the game and it is a game that loses about the same amount of people every year. Besides this fact, new, existing or potential golfers need to wade through all of the equipment hype and also what other people or the ever-knowledgeable golfing buddy is recommending.

If only there was a way for the golfer to avoid buying and playing with the wrong equipment. A simple guide that would aid the golfer and provide multiple choices to try golf clubs best suited to his or her style of play. There is a solution: the Maltby Playability Factor (MPF).

What Is MPF?

MPF is based on dimensional and mass properties of iron heads. In addition, the playability factor utilizes two mathematically based tables to adjust the playability factor. This adjustment can either improve or reduce the playability factor. The adjustments are based on dimensional and mass properties that either fall outside accepted parameters or enhance accepted parameters.

The Six Categories

MPF is broken down into 6 categories. The categories range from the easiest, most forgiving clubs made today (Ultra Game Improvement) to extremely difficult to hit clubs that only very accomplished players should attempt to use (Player Classic).

The 6 categories are explained in a chart (see figure 1) that is easy to use and allows the player to honestly look at his or her game and make a decision. The final result of this simple, easy to use process is a satisfied golfer, playing with the correct equipment, who finds this game much easier to play and certainly more enjoyable.