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Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads - MA0261

Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads

The Maltby KE4 Tour + irons have had a subtle redesign over the best selling original KE4 Tour 2012 version vaulting the iron head into the Ultra Game Improvement category. The finish and cosmetics have also been upgraded to produce one of the best looking irons in both the bag and at address ever introduced into the Maltby line.

The KE4 Tour + irons are a true players cavity back design. The minimal offsets progresses from .135” in the #4 iron to .100” in the wedges which appeals to players who want a Ulta Game Improvement iron without extreme offset. With a thin (.310”) radiused top line thickness and a slightly notched hosel to top line transition, the KE4 Tour + irons provide the “look” discerning players prefer at address. Consistent moderately wide sole widths (.800”) and progressive bounce angles provide the perfect combination of turf forgiveness regardless of the playing conditions

The toe weighting and undercut cavity correctly places more weight to the perimeter and rear of the club head increasing MOI (Moment of Inertia) and positioning the head mass for the best possible combination of feel and forgiveness.

The KE4 Tour + irons come with a factory installed 6 gram toe weight but can adjusted in weight using the KE4 Screw System to allow for multiple shaft length and weight options. Additional 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 gram weights are available.


Product Specs:

Type Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce
4 Iron 23º 60.5º 247g 0.135″
5 Iron 26º 61º 254g 0.125″
6 Iron 29º 61.5º 261g 0.115″
7 Iron 33º 62º 268g 0.110″
8 Iron 37º 62.5º 276g 0.110″
9 Iron 41º 63º 284g 0.110″
Pitching Wedge 45º 64º 291g 0.100″
Gap Wedge 49º 64º 291g 0.100″


Finish Satin Polish
Material 431 Stainless Steel
Blade Length 3.295″
Toe Height 1.755″
Heel Height 0.972″
Sole Width 0.800″
Hosel Length 2.063″
Hosel OD 0.531″
Bore Depth 1.250″
Center of Gravity 0.785″
MOI 13.7060
MPF 851+