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Maltby LTech Drivers - MA0240

Maltby LTech Drivers

Designed specifically for golfers with slower than normal club head speeds, the Maltby LTech drivers are a perfect fit for women and seniors trying to maximize distance off the tee. The large hitting surface features a cup face design to increase ball speeds from any impact location.


Product Specs:

Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Bulge/Roll Volume
13º 57º 205g 12″x14″ 460
15º 57º 205g 12″x14″ 460


Finish Gloss Black
Face Material 6-4 Titanium
Volume 460cc
Face Length 4.702″
Hosel ID 0.335″
Hosel OD 0.510″
Hosel Length 2.750″
Bore Depth 1.500″
MPF 851+