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Maltby LTech Hybrids - MA0242

Maltby LTech Hybrids

The Maltby LTech Hybrids are much easier to hit than mid to long irons and higher lofted fairway woods. The heavy sole design increased initial launch angle from any lie to increase distance and accuracy.


Product Specs:

Type Loft Lie Weight Bulge/Roll Volume
H3 21º 60º 241g 16″x16″ 105
H4 24º 60.5º 247g 16″x16″ 105
H5 28º 61º 254g 16″x16″ 110


Finish Gloss Black
Face Material 17-4 SS
Face Length 3.072″
Hosel ID 0.370″
Hosel OD 0.531″
Bore Depth 1.250″
MPF 851+