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Maltby Trouble Out HL Fairway Woods - MA0230

Maltby Trouble Out HL Fairway Woods

The Trouble Out HL fairway/utility wood’s’ progressive bounce sole design featuring tungsten sole weighting and the two sharp turf cutting parallel runners has been re-engineered to perform even better than the previous models. The sole bounce pad surface area has been increased to allow the actual measured bounce to be decreased without sacrificing the effective bounce of the club head.

The runners have been expanded allowing the leading edge of the club face to sit lower to the ground improving contact on tight lies without affecting the performance from other types of turf and sand. The Trouble Out HL classic pear shaped profile features progressive face heights (shorter in #3 progressing deeper in the #9) to optimize impact area, ground contact and trajectory. The heavy tungsten sole weight lowers the vertical center of gravity to produce more solid shots vs. traditional fairway woods.


Product Specs:

Type Loft Lie Weight Face Height Bulge/Roll
3 Wood 15º 57.5º 205g 1.375″ 12″x12″
5 Wood 18º 58º 215g 1.350″ 12″x14″
7 Wood 21º 58.5º 225g 1.325″ 14″x14″
9 Wood 24º 59º 235g 1.325″ 14″x16″


Finish Silver Metallic
Face Material 14-2 SS/Tungsten
Face Length 3.040″
Hosel ID 0.335″
Hosel OD 0.480″
Hosel Length 1.933″
Bore Depth 1.250″
MPF 851+