With the new balls Rule for 2026 I personally don’t like it but I kinda a little bit get the other side.I think this will amke buying golfballs even more pricey than they are now the consumers always pay the price but oh well,.My question is how will this effect Golf clubs being designed going foward Woods, Irons wedges etc or will have any effect or none whatsoever?

Rlafoone Posted new comment March 23, 2023

i don’t think the golf ball rule is going to happen anytime soon. if it does, it will be just a matter of time before the players are bigger and stronger and will over-power the ball.
All that needs to be done, is narrow the fairways, put bunkers at 295 yards and grow the rough. Kinda like my local course, except bunkers are at 200 yards.
Fairways are ultra wide at tour events, tree branches are trimmed 30 feet off the ground so you can punch through towards the green. Makes for good TV cause it’s pretty.