would hosel length will effect on mpf? what about offset??

would it effect the mpf rate?

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 29, 2021

Hi Sean, the following is a link to determine the MPF of an iron head

in regards to the hosel length and offset, they are factors that make up the club head, so it would have an effect on the MPF formula…i.e. effect the center of gravity, both vertical and rearward (away from the face).

If you are asking about the MPF of a golf shaft, the iron head doesn’t isn’t a factor of the shaft MPF. It will effect the frequency (stiffness) of the shaft, however the hosel length and offset won’t effect the shafts MPF.

I’m sure there are others that can expand on this more than I, the above is what I understand about the Maltby formulas