I am interested in the TS-1 irons with the KBS Tour 105 shafts.  Swingweight calculator estimates it would pan out to be C-8 at standard length with a 50 gram grip.  That is so light.  D-2 is what I would prefer.  By my estimate, 8 grams would have to be added to the tip to achieve this.  That seems like a lot, and I’m curious if that much weight in the tip will pull the center of gravity from the center of the club (which is a big premise of Malby’s playability theory), to the heel-side of the club…effectively working against the playability of the club?

Also…why are the clubheads so light?  Even with full weighted Dynamic Gold shafts at 130 grams…it estimates out at D0, which is truly a light swingweight for a “players” club.

Thanks in advance,