I recently went through the fitting process with the local pro who works with mizuno. The shaft we came up with was the true temper xp 115. A side note, that is the same rated shaft, 4b2m, that the mpf shaft selector came up with on this website, pretty impressive. My questions is this, is there a noticeable difference between the xp 115 and the TT lite XL? Personally, I am cheap and if I can get the same performance in a  shaft that is $15 cheaper that would be great.

One more question I was recommended Mizunos JPX 850 irons, which I did enjoy hitting. Those irons are very close in MPF ratings with the DBM’s, would they be comparable to the jpx’s. Or to put another way would they be a good fit for me?

Thank you for the help and knowledge.

Are you talking stiff or regular flex?