I am aware the most efficient approach to building a custom, progressively swing weighted (or building a MOI matched) iron set is to use an ascending mass set of shafts.

In order to offer an option to fit the budget of some clients seeking less expensive shafts and streamline the progressive swing weighting assembly (minimizing tip weights and lead tape, especially in the shorter irons), I was thinking of using TT Score LT shafts (117g. MPF: 4B2H for stiff trim) in the longer irons and TT Command shafts (127g. MPF: 4C2M for stiff trim) in the shorter irons. My thinking is the increased weight of the Command would reduce the use of tip weights and amount of lead tape (improve cosmetics for the client) required to assemble a progressively swing weighted iron set from single length, same mass .370 economy shafts.

I am assuming if I were to use the FST combination (115 and 125) in the similar manner that the profiles would be the same, with slightly higher launch in the lighter shafts.

Under the assumption the shafts meet the swing dynamics, ball flight and feel needs of the client is this a reasonable approach? Are the profiles of the TT Score and ?Command shafts comparable to be used in the same iron set?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.