I have a driver that we loan to novice golfers at our driving range. One guy managed to break off the driver head. It broke at the top of the hosel. I was able to extract the graphite tip in one piece. It is about 1.25″ in length. The shaft is long enough, that I figured instead of buying a new shaft for this used club, I would just prep the shaft end to go into the hosel. I used a 600 grit sanding belt to do this, and it looks like it will work. Will need some centering beads at the shaft tip to eliminate a little bit of wobble. Are there any downsides to this technique? Don’t know if this is a acceptable method if the shaft length and flex are of minor importance. I wouldn’t want to do this for a paying customer, unless shaft length wasn’t a concern. The shaft is a .620 at the butt. Is the graphite too fragile to prep in this manner? Thanks