And my goodness I’ve tried. First rounds weren’t too bad but later stability just wasn’t there. I’m 67 and play to an 10 index. I’m heading to Nippon, and play all Maltby forged offerings. Love the TS2’s. What a great head. I’m thinking the Nippon 94 grams will be the ticket. Played regular all my life.

My question. Pro Soft inserts. How do players of my age like them? I went with graphite to cut down on vibration initially. I played the Excaliburs, but not sure about the company now and prefer to buy from Golfworks Canada. Mitsubishi has some great shafts but beyond my budget. FSTs were good, but prefer a higher quality shaft.

How bout the Pro Inserts? Like them?

-Bill Wood

sparky14 Answered question August 26, 2020