So good problem to have… I’m likely to pull the trigger on one of the new iron sets in the near future.  But I don’t live local to GW to test any or get a fitting.  How do I know whether the TS4 (which is gorgeous) would be a good fit, and what shaft might make sense?  Or the TS1-IM, which I was originally leaning towards before seeing how forgiving the 3’s and 4’s are on paper.   GW provides so many options it’s almost daunting.   Is there a comparable line out there that I might be able to test at a big box store that could help me to evaluate?

Right now I have a set of TS2’s that I picked up second hand with KBS Tour 105 S shafts.  I can hit them pretty good, but I have no idea if that is a good combination for me.   I doubt I’m good enough to be able to tell the subtle differences in some of the shafts (brand, bend profiles, stepping, etc) but I bet I could tell big changes in weight or flex.   For whatever that’s worth.

Leaf Answered question May 10, 2023

What town are you in, maybe there’s a fitter or builder on the forum that you could meet up with.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you but only what happened to me. The TS-1 and TS-2 came out at the same time (or close). I ordered both as a single club. I would go to the range and alternate clubs day after day. One day I noticed I always picked the TS-1 first and had to force myself to switch to the TS-2. This kept happening until the TS-2 couldn’t get any time. I loved the TS-1. That is how I knew which set to get.

I did have access to a Trackman and I read everyone else’s opinion, but none of that mattered somehow. The wand chose the wizard.

You can use whatever criteria you want to select your clubs. I don’t know how you can make a mistake. But one of these clubs is yours and you won’t know for sure until you date it for awhile. Just my experience.

I am 83 and have played this shaky game for 0ver 60 years. There a’int no perfect set. The best you can do is getone that feels generally good to you.Club feel changes with the weather, you mind, what magazines you have read lately and the latest hot swing guru. If you tear up enough grass you will come closer to knowing what you want to feel than by advice form anybody else. Cost money ! Yup !