Hi All,

I had a question about which way I should go with my current iron set. Right now Im playing titleist DCI oversize plus irons (4-pw) and they feel so heavy compared to other clubs I’ve tried. I hit them fairly well so I’m not worried about their forgiveness, but my club speed is much lower than my drivers and hybrids (tsi3, ping g425 5w 4hyb). They have stiff flex tri-spec steel shafts around 133 grams.

My question is would it be worth it to re-shaft with a graphite shaft or lighter steel shaft like a dynamic gold 105, or just get a new set built. I love my clubs, just feel like I’m missing out on some clubhead speed with such a heavy club.

Any help appreciated, Thanks,


Whitey Answered question March 8, 2023

I would suggest going to a big box store and hit a variety of irons to see what shaft might suit you. Most have a launch monitor.