The emergence of Bryson Deschambeau onto the radar of the PGA Tour’s marketing and publicity machine has generated a lot talking heads output re Bryson’s clubs. This flood of “new” information has made it really difficult to determine what Bryson’s set make up really is.

Any mention of the term MOI that follows is in regard to CLUB MOI not to CLUBHEAD / FACE MOI.

1) Are his clubs all the same length w/o regard to swingweight or club MOI?

2) Are his clubs swingweight matched but all the same length?

3) Are his clubs MOI matched (measured in grams per square centimeter) while being all the same length.?

Which of these is better / best? Obviously 2) and 3) take significantly more “twiddling” to create and do not lend themselves one size fits all club marketing schemes.

Comments re Club MOI Matching are invited re:

1) Drivers / Fariway Woods

2) Long Irons / Hybrids

3) Mid Irons for lack of a better name. 5 – 9 Iron.

4) Wedges PW – LOB