I have a set of STi clubs with Kuro Kage shafts that I played a lot the last couple of years. They have been great. Really love them. I am wondering about the differences in the new STi2 heads and how they might perform in comparison. One thing I noticed is the gaps between lofts are less on some.

Also what light weight steel shaft would you recommend that is close to graphite weight?

The STi sand wedge is one of the best I have played.

I forgot to answer your shaft question. Kind of depends on what shaft weight you are talking about. There are graphite irons shafts from the 60 gram range to the 120 gram range. I will assume you are looking at the mid 70 gram range to mid 80 gram range. In that case, the the Nippon Zelos 7 and Zelos 8 are options to consider. There is even an Zelos 6 that is 68.5 grams. That is the lightest steel you will find. Several mid 90 gram options from various manufacturers.

Britt Lindsey