Hi how Do you go from A to L on a driver Shaft head weight 196 leght 44.5

Hi Dan,
Only way I would think would be to add headweight (I would guesstimate about 20 grams) or increase length by 1.5-2.0 inches – I’m sure there are others that can share some input on this.
I recall reading 2 grams headweight = 1 cpm/1 inch length = 6 cpm
depending on the cpm chart, flex differences vary roughly from 7.4 – 10 cpm between flexes.

I did this as a comment so it wouldn’t get overlooked by the experts.


Thanks the shaft is g tech combo flex l/a 235 cpm if i Read the golf Works chart correctly i need go bring IT down To 190 cpm at 44.5

Hi Dan,

according to the golfworks freq chart if you are measuring 235 cpm at 44.5″, you are right at an R Flex. To decrease the cpm (make the shaft “more flexible”) to L flex, you need to either lengthen the shaft or add weight to the head. I am assuming you are referring to an already shafted club.
I know that an untrimmed G-Tech L/A has a butt frequency of 226cpm at (using a 5″ Clamp and a 205 gram weight-ungripped) – this would be the L flex.

I think I may not understand your question.


Thanks again new shaft no tip trim for a driver so i put the head on the shaft then measure 44.5 this how i get 235cpm 44.5 standard for a women don,t won,t go longer ,to get 226cpm did you use the full lenght of the shaft

Yes the 226cpm is full shaft length – 42″ beam length as this is a 47″ shaft, using 205gram weight and 5″ clamp.
The only way I know how you can achieve 190 cpm at 44.5″ is by dramatically increasing head weight.
Note, using the Kauf.an cpm chart, you are actually right near a L-flex: