Last year I made the switch to the Maltby TS-2 Forged Iron Heads with the MMT Graphite – 80 S Flex shafts everything standard and love the performance. I was thinking about making the switch to a Maltby driver this year. Is there a way for someone to make an educated guess at a driver combination? I can hit my 7 iron 150 yds in the summer and my 6 iron 150 yds in the winter. Living in North Alabama we play year around.  I did the “what is your MPF rating” and it showed a 3D2M which doesn’t exist. I use the M6 with a Fujikura Atmos 6S-Flex its black and has some gray symbols near the grip. I don’t know what the model is or anything, but I control it fine. I am getting older and losing distance though. 51 yrs old and current hdcp index is 4.3 from the white tees. It matters a lot what tees I play though. Distance is an issue.

theblake7 Answered question February 2, 2022

without seeing your swing and ball flight, I’d look at 3B2M if there’s nothing in the 3D2M listing, then look for a shaft lighter than your Atmos (66 grams).
Just a thought…