One for the experts. Latest project.  I’ve found an older Maltby 5 wood head and I’ve got too many shafts kicking around. I’m not worried about swing weight when this project is complete, I’ll just add lead tape.

The shaft I’m using is a stock Driver Fuji regular flex. I’m not touching the tip, but I’ll shorten from the butt end a couple of inches. How much change in flex shall I anticipate? I know this is answered somewhere, but I thought it might be fun to revisit. Many thanks builders. There’s a rule of thumb someplace.


Rlafoone Edited comment July 21, 2020

this is a pretty good chart from back in the day, I think it came from Dynacraft… you may have to play with the formatting
Swingweight Factors
SW Change * Increase Factor By * S.W. Factor * Decrease Factor By * SW Change
+1 2 Grams Headweight 2 Grams -1
+3 1/2 inch Club Length 1/2 inch -3
-1 4 Grams Grip Weight 4 Grams +1
+1* 9 Grams Shaft Weight 9 Grams -1*
* The shaft swingweight equivalent is for illustration purposes only. Unlike the other three factors, as shaft weight changes its effect on swing-
weight changes at a disporportionate rate. For estimation purposes, however, the above shaft weight-to-swingweight equivalent is acceptable.