recently i found an extremely good price pn some old/new dyn gold lite r400 .355 tip iron shafts. went for it, and am so far happy wirh the results.

i had been playing dyn gold s300 w/ sensicore, soft stepped once. and just felt the shaft was too boardy(hey, i’m gettin old…). put in the dyn gold.lite r400, hard stepped once, and am very happy. i left the s300 in the 9&pw because they were so accurate.

in some ways, this is a very poor man’s awt set.  i like the r400 enough to where i have put the 4 iron back in the bag.

what i really like about the dg lite is that the tip is still stout enough to allow you to really go at the ball if you need to. no fear of the shaft collapsing at impact. yet, it plays lighter and easier. maybe a yard or two longer. maybe a yard or two higher, but no drastic change in trajectory.

does anybody have any real information about how the dg lite compares to the project x lz ?  if so, please share. the lz was the shaft i was really eying, but i got these at fraction of the price. thanks, steve.