Hi All

I have a 917 D2 and I decided to install a Aldila tour green stiff     67 G…     I was hitting high balls…  I did some research on shafts and went with this one and couldn’t be happier (from golf works canada)       I have a 917 F2 16.5    I like it a lot….      I am thinking on taking the mitsubishi 70 blueboard out….

I have a driver SS 95-100 MPH and to be honest some shafts feel more stiff than others…   therefore I was thinking the tour blue for my fairway…..   so the 75 g stiff shaft would be best??   Looking at a little higher bullfight for my fairway wood…….   different story than my driver

Heres my question…   will 75 play different than my 67 G tour green?   and 1″ is recommended tip cut…   if I went 1/2″ would that make it play softer? My fear is i’ll end up with a more than stiff feeling shaft………   Thanks

Britt Lindsey Answered question August 19, 2020