When you’re giving a lesson and you quickly identify the main problem, and then just as quickly fix it, what do you spend the rest of the lesson on? Keep hitting shots to reinforce what you fixed? Move on to other parts of the game to look for fixable issues? Work on skill building (fade/draw, high/low, etc)?

The example I have here is I had a decent player (10 handicap) who was leaning back just a little bit and turning on their back foot with their irons instead of pushing forward, shifting their weight, and following all the way through. Still hit the ball straight, but was occasionally fat and generally much shorter than he should have been. As soon as I pointed it out, he fixed it within 10 shots and was immediately hitting it 100% better and picked up 15 yards with every club. After another 10 shots it was clear he had the corrected feeling down and didn’t really need another 45 minutes of the same thing. What would you do next in your golf lesson?