I’m 6’8″ and am having Maltby build me a set of irons at plus 1-1/2″ over standard length at 1/4″ progression between clubs from the 7i. I’m going with the DBM head and FST Pro 125 in X-Stiff. I currently have an order in for a 7i as a test club for this setup, just waiting on some backordered components to come in. In looking at the FST Pro trimming instructions I’m concerned that at my shaft length I won’t be getting X-Stiff in the completed club. For X-Stiff in the 7i FST instructions call for 5-3/4″ tip trim. To get a 38-1/2″ 7i there is only enough room to tip trim at 4.5″ (43″ shaft length – 38.5″ = 4.5″). This would equate to soft stepping twice. Everything I read indicates these particular shafts play softer than stated flex. What would the above scenario put my finished 7i at flex wise? To get a true X-Stiff shat at my playing length, would you recommend another shaft altogether?

T Brandt Answered question April 1, 2021

I may be way overthinking this. I did not consider the distance from hosel bottom to the back of club head heel. The DBM specs list the hosel length as 2.25″ with a bore depth of 1.25″. That would be 1″ from back of heel to bottom of shaft, correct? This would give me an extra 1″ available for each club for tip trimming leaving the 7i only 1/4″ short. 9i would be a full 1″ short, putting it right in between X and S flex per FTS trimming instructions. The longer irons would be able to be trimmed to specs. For an amateur hack like me, the difference might not even be noticeable. I’m not a club builder, so please let me know if I’m missing something here. Thanks!!!