Thank you again Britt, for your help about the iron heads (TE+ as closest model to the old mcc)
I have the fst shaft 115g stiff in my mcc.
For my Mizunos (pro 223) I was fit with the PX IO 6.0 shafts.
(at another try for curiousity I was fit for iron graphite shaft Tensei blue stiff, which was interesting but
I´m happy with steel shafts and they are expensive as well.)
So that matches as they are both 4B2H in the MPF rating.
I´ve heard (and read) good things about the ns pro modus tour 105 s shafts.
(A little lighter with around 106,5 grams but that would make the head feel a little havier
which is quite ok)
Could it make sense to combine the TE+ irons with the ns pro modus tour 105 instead of the fst?
What would you think is the difference?

Britt Lindsey Answered question July 2, 2024