so I was reading answers as I tend to do, and I read somewhere that the Ts4 will have the same Internal technology as the ts1… so it will have the special foam put on the inside and be hollow?

my understanding is the Ts4 was that it would be a successor to the mmb17 meaning it works be a solid club, not hollow, like mmb 17.. with maybe a hole just shaved in the toe to add a tungsten weight and maybe a shaved part on the heel of the club on there longer irons, just like the mmb17, to increase the mpf…

but unless I’m just misreading it, it seems like I am wrong in my original assumption and it will a hollow club and not solid like the mmb17?  I was excited for the a true successor of the mmb17… still the best club you ever made along with TE and the TE BLACK… (dbm) lol

JimHarrington Answered question September 29, 2022