suggestions for which irons/shafts to use.

A little history.  I’m 71, walk and carry clubs, wishing a lighter set to carry, no more that 8 clubs total.  I hit high trajectory shots off irons. I have a club head bending machine.  Hit a 5i/6i 150 yard range. Drive about 205 yds.  What lofts / heads / shafts suggested to meet needs.  When inbetween head for lofts, should I bend to more degrees  to increase bounce or the opposite. I also mess with the head weights and shaft lengths to cover desired distances.  I’m thinking lofts of 50 – 44- 38 – 32 – 26.  Or am I just nuts to attempt this.

What would I use if I tried this with my 5 year old Sti set before I buy the KE Max. Use 6,7,9,p,g, and go 27-33-39-45-51? I would also try one of the shaft selections you mentioned. thinking the steel, like the feel.

ace1car1998 Edited comment August 7, 2023

I think you mean bend the 7i from 30 to 32 deg.
I like the shaft suggestions, but no mention of the MPF Pro Series Iron shaft. Is there a reason?

Only reason is that the MPF graphite shafts play a little firmer than those mentioned.

Britt Lindsey

No reason to think the STi’s wouldn’t work with those specs. Just remember, those irons you weaken will add to the sole angle (bounce) and those you strengthen will decrease the sole angle. May not be an issue depending on the turf conditions you play, but be aware.

Britt Lindsey

Proceeding with the KE4 Max, I’ve weighed and determine the weight to add to have consistency. Is it better to add hosel weight or change the toe weight screws or split added weight between hosel and toe?
Is there anything you would recommend to the specs listed below?

CLUB LOFT / change Actual WT. Added WT Final WT. LT.
6 26 n/c 262.0 1.2 263.2 37.5
7 30 → 32 266.4 5.5 271.9 37.0
9 38 n/c 280.6 0 280.6 36.5
P 43 → 44 289.3 0 289.3 36.0
G 48 → 50 290.8 8.8 298.0 35.5
Lofts 6 deg apart. Weight 8.7 grams apart. All clubs 0.5” length diff.

Thank You!