I have been gaming the 10.5 with  Paderson Launch S shaft and it has been truly a solid setup.  I have been tinkering with shafts with the 9.5 head and after the third shaft I have unleashed a monster. It has an Xcaliber Superlite55 S shaft and it’s a shocking combination. I have a slight downhill 353 yard par 4 that rises back up near the green. the closest I have ever been to the green is about 45 yards. Today I hit two back to back balls with the 9.5. They were well struck and straight as I walked to where the balls normally are I was a bit nervous as they were no where to be seen. I looked up and one was 10′ from the green and one was pin high.

All over the course I was in places I have not been in a long time. This is the longest driver I have hit in a very long time.

As a side note tinkering with the weight in these heads really changes spin rates.

Thanks for response below. Also saw your review on another golf forum. Very informative. Much appreciated.