I have been asked more than a few times on the forums in PMs about which is a better driver  I spent about 40 minutes with the two of them switching back and forth and giving them a true hard core simulator session.

ISO-T 9.5 Xcaliber Superlite55 S tipped an inch…. KE4 TC set at 9.5 Xcaliber TSL TS tipped an inch. The TSL is a sub 50 gram shaft both have a 4 gram weight in the sole.

The ISO-T threw up a 284 carry 296 overall, 18.7° of launch 167 mph ball speed and 3066 spin.

I immediately picked up the KE4 and put up 286 carry 298 overall, 18.1° of launch 168 mph ball speed and 3035 spin.

All session long these two were this close. The ISO-T has a bit of a fade bias. The KE4 I can turn over in a slight draw fairly easy.  They feel quite different and and I will game either one this year. It may even come down to course layout on which one I chose.

For a ball speed reference I have not found a driver than can eclipse the KE4 yet. 4 different OEMs so far.

As for forgiveness I might give the KE4 the advantage. I have yet to hit it outside but it’s a stud on the simulator. Feel wise I’m still with the ISO-T.

Today the owner of the Simulator who is a Taylormade pro was hitting the KE4 TC with the Tensi Blue shaft S tipped an inch. Length was 45″. He was attaining ball speeds of 178 mph and easily going over 330 yards. He had a session long of 338. He has not seen this kind of performance ever out of a driver head. He said that if he did not have a contract this would be in his bag. I have no idea how to show photos of his session but look on MGS for the posted pics. Its damn near silly.

For myself I got the chance to play this on course. It was 40-45°. I hit some career long drives on this course. Ball flight was a perfect boring trajectory that was laser straight. The kind of ball flight where my playing partners were just saying wow. I cant imagine what this will do in 80° weather. This is a mind blowing setup. I dont think i have ever been this excited for a golf season to get going.
One drive went 305 verified on my GPS. I’m simply in awe of what the KE4 did today.

Popeye – Which weight shaft were you using? Do you like the Tensei better than the Xcaliber?

I’m using the 60 gram version in S tipped. At first swinging the Tensi I wasn’t sure I liked it. The Pro said the same thing but damned if it didnt perform. I had a second KE4 with an Xcaliber TSL on course. It was just as long if not longer at times and it turned over to a draw very easily. The Tensi was as straight as could be. I now have 6 shafts collected up so an outdoor shootout will hopefully happen in the next month as I’m waiting for the weather.
It’s tough to say just yet which one I liked better. I also built the Tensi to 45.5″ for the heck of it. It seemed to love the extra length. I had thought it would be difficult to handle but that was hardly the case.

Popeye thanks for the consistent updates. I have to keep telling myself “I am not in the market for a new driver”.