I looked for forum rules to ensure I wasnt breaking guidelines, but couldnt find a rules section. So if this is against the rules or culture of this forum I apologize.

If you frequent multiple golf forums you may have seen me before. I don’t play golf, but rather a Live Action Role Playing game that uses non metal golf club shafts as the base for many of our safely padded “weapons”. I have posted in a few places recentlt trying to connect with club makers who have piles of old shafts that either were damaged when pulled or will never have a head mounted for whatever reasons. I understand its a weird request, but over the years on a now defunct forum had made contact with a few such club makers and had been able to help them clean their shop and keep the old clubs from ending up in the landfill.

With that background, are there ways I can approach club makers to better solicit a positive response?  I can pick up one or two clubs most weeks at the local goodwills for a couple bucks, but I am trying to build a lot of gear and need a lot of shafts for this. And I understand that most shafts have a significant price tag to them, which are not the kind of shafts I am seeking.  Are there any terms I should be using with club makers that better conveys I am looking for shafts that I’m hoping they consider near worthless?