I’m a bit all over the place left/right dispersion wise with over-length graphite shaft big name OEM hybrids.

What I’m interested to potentially have GolfWorks build for me is:

KE ST-H hybrid at 20 degrees with lie angle bent 1 degree upright to 59.5 degrees shafted with True Temper Score LT shaft trimmed to firm and cut to 39″ playing length (standard steel 3 iron length) swing weighted to D1 and gripped with the standard Lamkin used in the paks.


1) Is this build specification possible?  Is there any downside I am ignoring?  I am greatly enjoying my TE 4 iron with the same shaft @ standard length (38.5″). Based off my amateur understanding it would appear to match a TE 3 iron weight (240 g) the hybrid (234 g) would need a 12 g weight instead of the stock 6 g.

2) Could I substitute this is the Pak instead of the standard Maltby graphite shaft for the standard $64.99 price?