Here is a question I asked on the the Golfworks page for the KE4 TC Pro IST page:

I have the KE4 Tour TC 4W w/MPF Pro R. I hit it really nice, straight and high and love it but needed a few more yards for gapping. I have 2 rounds into the KE4 Pro IST 3W w/MPF Pro R but seem to fade/slice this club. Would setting #6 mitigate that?

Here’s the answer from JimY

The #6 setting could help mitigate the fade/slice. The #7 would show the biggest effect on helping eliminate the fade/slice.

My follow up question would be if I put it to #7 it would be 15*.  That’s 1* lower than my Tour TC 4W.  What would be the difference then in keeping the 3W?  would there be that much of a distance loss going from 14* to 14.5* or 15* ?

Britt Lindsey Answered question July 2, 2024