Britt, how do you compare these two drivers in terms of performance characteristics of each, such as launch angle, off center strikes, ball speed, etc., and which one do you recommend for different fitting situations? Thank you! Michael

Hi Michael,

I did a little head to head testing with the ISO-T 10.5* vs. the KE4 TC on SkyTrak.

Full disclosure, this is not quite an “apples to apples” test as….1.) I had the TC set at 10*. 2.) I haven’t fully fit the TC to my swing just yet. Although I cut to my proper length at 44″, I have yet to do hit testing to determine proper shaft weight and total club MOI. The ISO-T is fit to my swing with regard to length, shaft weight and MOI through extensive hit testing. 3.) Low sample size was taken: 9 swings for each driver. 4.) I have two different shafts in each driver.
Another side note: I had my “out-of-season” swing going, hence higher than usual spin numbers. In the past, I’ve recorded ISO-T spin numbers that were consistently in the 2500-2700 range on both Skytrak and Trackman. My swing speed is consistently in the 106-108 mph range.

The balls I used were fairly new TaylorMade TP5x and Titleist Pro V1x.

Using foot spray powder on the face to determine contact location, here are the results I obtained for ball speed and spin.

1.) Low center of club face: ISO-T (155 mph / 3500). TC (153 mph / wide spread of spin…3200, 3600 and 3980 rpm)
2.) Heel strike: ISO-T (none recorded) . TC (156 mph / 2777 rpm)
3.) Sweet Spot: ISO-T (156 mph / 3050-3450 rpm). TC (155 mph / 2600-3120 rpm)
4.)Higher on face, just above the sweet spot: ISO-T (156 mph / 3000). TC (155 mph / 3120)

On both drivers my launch angle on low center hits was 11*, sweet spot launch angles were 13*-14* and contact above the sweet spot showed launch angles of 14-15*

I hope this helps and Happy New Year!


Thanks Michael for the information. We will try and get some data ourselves and see if we can draw any conclusions about any differences. Both are keepers, in my opinion.

Britt Lindsey