In a different question there was a comment by Britt that one should not adjust the loft of clubs from the jump. I have built a tester 7iron of the Ke4Max, TS3, and the STi2. All with ScoreLT trimmed to Stiff. Of the three I love the look of the TS3, but the KE4max seem to work much better. They also look 1000x better in person than in photos. I should also mention I had the KE4max 7i bent to 32deg to match the TS3.

My problem/question is this. I’m a 13hcp and I would say iron play is a strength. I could probably be mid single digits if I could putt better and keep it in play off the tee. Distance is also not a problem as I currently game some 20+ year old Adams GT3 which has a PW at 46deg and I believe a 7i at 34deg. I hit that about 175/180y. This weekend I hit the KE4max 32deg 7i pretty solid a few times at 185/190y. I like the TS3 because of the consistent 4deg gaps which seems to make sense for a guy like me that would seem to want iron yardages more closely together at the top of the bag instead of more spread apart. But I just hit the KE4max that much better and straighter it seems. My current set is PW(46) and CBX2 (50) CBX2(56) and those go 135/115/100, and I’d like to tighten up those gaps. Just looking for some guidance as I was planning to order a set of KE4max with everything bent 2deg weak except for the GW and the PW (1deg weak) to get 4deg between clubs. That comment is throwing those thoughts off a bit.  I understand that bending lofts weak also reduces the bounce. Currently play in typical Southeast Bermuda fairways and can be steep into the ball and take a solid divot. My miss is also out at the toe. Thank you in advance for any and all advice.

Auswimkc Unselected an answer August 15, 2023