If I install a Lead Graphite Shaft Tip Weight part GW01076 will this increase the shaft tip length by 1/4 inch and will this make the shaft tip play softer or is the change minimal?  Do I need to trim an additional 1/4 inch off the graphite shaft tip before installing the Tip Weight?  Adding 1/4 inch to the overall length doesn’t bother me.  I have the Maltby TS-2 irons and the Recoil 780 R shafts and need to add on average approximately 6 grams to each head to achieve D2.  Thanks.

Pete57 Posted new comment January 20, 2022

dry fit everything before you epoxy, also account for your grip weight of the grips you’re going to use. Grip tape adds about 1.5 grams, epoxy and ferrule about 1.2 grams
Since you’re building a nice set, i would say yes, you should tip trim the shaft a 1/4″ if using the tip weights. If you don’t, the shaft(s) will play very slightly soft (1-2 cpm). If you decide not to, you wouldn’t need to play them 1/4″ long, you could still trim them an extra 1/4″ from the butt when you do your final cut.
here’s a good link:

Thank You. You advice is greatly appreciated.