Got fitted for irons yesterday and got a bunch of recommendations about clubs I should check out. We didn’t actually fit me for a specific set of clubs. That being said, I’ve always been really interested in the Maltby line so I’m curious if there is an iron head that would be similar to the fitter’s recommendations.

His suggestion was a players distance iron. He specifically recommended the TM P790, Cobra Forged Tec, Mizuno Hot Metal Pro, Ping i500, or Srixon Z585 (I told him that I’d be buying used or DTC).

Extra stiff, True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft. Extra 0.5”; bent 2 degrees upright.

Are there any Maltby iron heads that would fit the bill? Was looking at the TS-1 (or possibly the TS-1 IM) but open to any and all options.

How do the True Temper Score shafts compare to the Dynamic Golds? Would love to get an iron pak if I can but realize that I may need to build my own clubs to get the shafts I want/need.

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 21, 2023