Anyone break one of these like this. I was on my last club, adjusting lie/lofts, and this happened.

From what I read these heads were supposed to be difficult to bend but mine seem to bend without a problem.

Is it safe to assume they will replace under warranty?


BillyHo Edited question June 9, 2022

The finish does make these a little tricky to bend. I’m going to assume Golfworks will take care of you.

Thoughts I have;

Did you have the bending bar up as high as you could get it?
When bending a head I’ll sort of bounce the pressure into the head to get movement. Never steady hard constant pressure.
Business cards stuck to the face will keep your bending machine from marring up the finish on the face if your head. Sometimes I’ll even put the bubble wrap bags back on them while in the bending machine.