I’m just curious, there are such big name club reviewers like Rick Shiels and Mark crossfield, why not get in contact with them and have them review your clubs.. I mean if they actually tested and reviewed the mmb 17 they would probably switch to them to be honest… And the price point is these clubs are half, sometimes even a third of the price as the latest OEM clubs… I’m just saying it is literally free marketing, maybe your send Rick a free set to review so at most it cost the cost of the clubs pluss shipping.. heck Britt even if your had to pay Rick to review b your clubs.. I would personally pitch in 500 dollars to help.. you have my word… I guarantee you business would double.. possibly go as high as 10 times what you do in a year with these youtube club reviewers with big followings.. I have a marketing background and specialize in this.. and the is the way to go, not just for golf but every thing.. find a big time reviewer that gets millions of subscribers, connect with them, send them a free product to review, get really free publicity of millions of people… Britt I would love to work with you on this and the entire maltby team.. I literally would have never known about you guys if I didn’t work at golf galaxy and that is sad.. because considering ralph maltby designed the OEm clubs himself and these clubs are absolutely b just as good if not even better than the Taylor mades and Callaways of the world and for half or sometimes even ab third of the price or less.. it needs to be known.. contact me


ryen91@gmail.com.  let me lead your marketing team.. let me get in contact with these guys get there specs and have them review your clubs..  I guarantee it will double.. and possiblyb triple your yearly fiscal revenue or even more