I am going to ask a question that honestly I don’t know if I will understand the content when it is answered, so here we go. I am switching irons this year fro the first edition T300’S to Srixon ZX5. I have set these irons down side by side in the store before I tested and bought and for the life of me the two sets look very similar. The Titliest MPF is 895 the Srixon is 560, Could someone please explain to me the 335 point difference between the two (and please dumb it down for me) I swear top line width,blade length and sole width look very,very close to the naked eye and I just would like a better understanding of MPF. Thank you in advance

*** I do understand that there are other factors but when I look at a club those three things give me a pretty good ides if it is a forgiving club

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 28, 2022

C dimension much higher, vcog lower, rcog further back, moi much higher on the titleist than on the ZX5.

Just a more forgiving club per the formula. Guess it’s what’s inside that counts!

So for me that means the Titleist is twice as forgiving as the Srixon, is this correct?