Will the new range of Ben Hogan irons get MPF tested?

I am particularly interested in the PTx Pro & Icon as I am currently paying the combo set.

Popeye Posted new comment October 29, 2021

A while back on one of the forums I did a side by side comparison of a PTX Pro vs a TS-1. The very principals of the MPF are wildly evident between the two heads.
The Hogan had a very long hosel length. The TS-1 was minimal. Blade length of the Hogan is much shorter. Side by side it looks like night and day. If you hit the Hogan in the sweet spot it’s awesome. But damn you better not be inconsistent. In comparison the TS-1 is far more forgiving. The ICONS are even worse.
Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the trip back in time to playing my Hogan 99 Apex blades. The PTx Pros/ICONS are modern day representations. If my swing is spot on I’ll bring out the Hogans. But I would never play them in a tourney.
If I’m a little funky I play the TS-1s or a set of PTMs. I am far more consistent. The Hogans are just a fun throwback head.
The MPF of the Hogans will be very low. Knowing the principals of the MPF and seeing the heads side by side its obvious.