Hey golf buddies I went to a premium golf store couple of weeks ago and hit Bridge Stone tour B x blade’s, Miura 501 blade’s, and New level 623 blades and I have to say that the feel is supreme one of the club specialist he told me that is because of the mass directly behind the sweet spot one the manufacturer’s said  it’s like a hammer hitting a nail the way a hammer is designed to hit nail into a piece of wood that this is the reason for this solid soft feel when the heal and toe part of the club is more shaved down it automatically puts more mass if shaped right behind the sweet spot they also said you wouldn’t take a hammer and turn it on its side to hit a nail you could but it won’t be as effective and that most club designs is like that side way hammer with weight more on the toe and heal you lose the feel what is your opinion and will you in the future design something like that?