Well C4 arrived lunch time today, went to the nets for a hit and it’s unbelievable but it’s good really good. 21 shots with the best 193 carry & 1.48 smash but 22* left so would of missed the fairway lol, this morning the best drive I had 184 carry and 4* left.  And before that I emptied a trailer of 1 metre top course and spread it along the driveway, so not as much energy. I also liked the Sound from the C4, surprised it was a problem when launched 20 years ago. I’ve had other drivers I didn’t like the Sound of so this C4 is going to get a run with me, it’s got a RCH Firm graphite shaft @ 8* of loft. Will update in a month if I’m still in love with C4 lol..

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 7, 2022